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Quilting 101 January 10, 2007

Filed under: Diversions — superspark @ 7:43 pm

Being unemployed has its perks. Both Dylan and I finished our PhDs this fall and now I’m looking for a job while he waits to go back for his last two years of medical school in the spring. All of which goes to say, we’re in the unusual situation of being newlyweds who get to spend nearly all day together every day doing whatever we choose to do. Getting to spend so much time together is great, especially since it won’t last forever (what with Dylan’s medical career and the real world looming), but at the same time, at age 30, I can’t remember ever having had *nothing* to do and it’s actually a little stressful.

We were pondering what to do today and Dylan suggested visiting the nearby Huntington Gardens (which are wonderful), but I thought that I might need something with a little more purpose and an end goal to motivate me. Naturally Dylan (an avid movie watcher and fan of “marathoning” movies and TV shows) suggested a movie marathon, which would at least give me the satisfaction of finishing something lengthy and possible grueling. But in the end we decided to work on a long overdue task, which is making quilts for a few of our friends who got married last summer (wedding etiquette says you have a year after the wedding to give a present, right?).

Back in June when we first thought of it, we loved the idea of making quilts for wedding presents…I mean who needs another vase? And as about-to-be finished graduate students, we certainly had more time than money. But motivation is a different issue and so though the first wedding in question was over 6 months ago, we have yet to make much progress on either of our quilts. So…it seemed like the perfect project for today.

Dylan has a little bit of quilting experience (having made me a quilt of his own design for Christmas the first year we were dating) and I have none, except any picked up by osmosis through my mother’s many projects. So we’re sort of flying blind here, but we managed to make the entire front panel today in a simple squares design…my mother told me (and forgive me if I’m misquoting you, Mom) that the Amish always intentionally made “mistakes” in their quilts to show that only God makes perfect things. Well, non-religious as we are, we seem to have taken that to heart and made quite a few little errors, but hopefully they won’t be too obvious in our very neutral, tone-on-tone palette. Photos of the finished product to come…hopefully the next steps won’t take quite as long to get started on.


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