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Best bar mitzvah idea ever- photo booth! January 12, 2007

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good times in the bar mitzvah photo booth

We had the fairly unusual honor of being invited to 3 bar mitzvahs this past fall. I suppose that’s not unusual for say, a 13-year old Jew, but as a 30-year-old non-Jew whose bar mitzvah experience was limited to a handful of events 17 years ago, this was somewhat novel. On his step-father’s side of the family, Dylan is the oldest of the 10 cousins by about 15 years and sure enough, they’re finally reaching adulthood (at least in the Jewish sense of the word). I won’t go into the gory details of the bar and bat mitzvahs, as anyone who has been to one knows the basic gist of it, but there was one novelty worth mentioning. At the last bar mitzvah of the bunch, up in San Francisco, rather than giving out the usual t-shirts or cheesy gifts, a photo booth was installed in the lobby of the nighttime reception. What a fabulous idea! I wish we had thought of that for our wedding last June. Guests lined up all night to use the booth, but we managed to sneak in three turns and came home with several cute photo strips to remember the evening by. Kudos to Bobby, the bar mitzvah boy (I mean, man) for a great idea.


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