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Favorite things- Trader Joe’s Apricot sauce January 15, 2007

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It has been a lazy weekend here…a bit of socializing, a bit of exercise, and a whole lot of curling up on the sofa. Yesterday, as often happens in our household on weekend mornings, Dylan got up a few minutes before me and started making breakfast. He knows that if he waits until I get out of bed to ask what I’d like for breakfast, I always just vote for a bowl of cereal or some toast. I like the idea of starting the day on a healthy note as things often spiral downhill afterwards.

But when Dylan beats me to the punch and start making pancakes, waffles, or crepes before I even get out of bed, who am I to turn them down? Yesterday he went with a straight-up, classic pancake, all the better to pair with one of my favorite prepared treats, Trader Joe’s Apricot sauce. It comes in a big glass jar and is a thick, chunky blend of apricots and sugar. I’ve never been a fan of maple syrup (or maple flavors in general) so I use it in its place, on pancakes or waffles. It’s also delicious stirred into yogurt or even used atop ice cream. The geniuses at TJ’s also make it in peach and mango varieties, both of which are terrific as well. At about $3 for a 26 ounce jar, it’s a steal and can be found alongside the more standard apple sauces, etc… (120 calories for a half cup serving which should be more than enough for any of the purposes I mentioned.)


4 Responses to “Favorite things- Trader Joe’s Apricot sauce”

  1. warrior rabbit Says:

    Did you know they discontinued it? I know. I love it, too. I was disappointed, and googling for a replacement, when I came across your entry.

    RIP TJ’s apricot sauce.

  2. heidi Says:

    Another disappointed one. Have you found any replacement as good?

  3. Aprilninth Says:

    I bought a jar sometime in 2008. It sat in my cupboard for more than a year. . . until I bought a new waffle iron and found out that Trader Joe’s Apricot Sauce made the BEST waffle topping. Now it’s December 2009, my jar of apricot sauce is gone, and I’ve only now found out that it’s been discontinued. I’m searching for a replacement.

  4. Markus Schaub Says:

    This apricot sauce was the best ever. The balance between sweet and sour. Not that sugary overly sweet jam they sell in all the grocery stores. Was great on pancakes, on waffles, in Yogurt, just on good bread, and sometimes I just spooned it out of the jar into my mouth. There should have been a revolution after they discontinued it. Would give a lot to find it again!!!

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