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Favorite things- Best of Bootie 2006 February 11, 2007

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When I started this blog last month, I was mostly interested in recording what I’ve been cooking, eating, etc… and over the last few weeks it seems to have morphed into an entirely food-related blog. In the interests of getting back to my original intents, I’m going to try to intersperse a few non-food related posts. It could be argued that this one is still food-relevant in that Best of Bootie 2006 is the album that currently gets me out of my chair and over to the gym to burn off those extra dessert calories. Not since The Killers’ Hot Fuss has an album so motivated me to run faster, push harder on the elliptical machine, and do that extra sit-up. And the best part is, this one is free.

Best of Bootie 2006 is a compilation of mash-ups by DJs from around the world. For those unfamiliar with mash-ups, DJs take two or more songs and mix their beats, lyrics, and melodies in what are often quite clever combinations. There are a number of clubs around the country that have mash-up nights, including The Echo in L.A., where they host a Bootie L.A. mash-up night the first Saturday of every month. I went to it once and since club-going is not exactly my thing, I would say it wasn’t for me. But I am just loving this album.

Imagine Kanye West crossed with Beethoven or the Beastie Boys meet Led Zeppelin and you’ll start to get the idea of a mash-up. My personal favorites at the moment are Short Skirt, London Bridge (a mash-up of Cake’s Short Skirt, Long Jacket and Fergie’s London Bridge) and The Money Song (which mixes five different artists including ABBA, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Jay-Z).

For more information on Club Bootie or to download the album, go to:


One Response to “Favorite things- Best of Bootie 2006”

  1. erin Says:

    Thanks for this link! I just emailed a bunch of friends this week for song ideas for my ipod for the gym, and this is perfect. The thing that kills me about the echo is they charge around $6 for a PBR, the cheap-ass beer of my midwestern youth. ah, hipsters.

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