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Window box herb garden February 18, 2007

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Last weekend we worked on starting our herb garden anew after it was killed off last summer during Southern California’s heat wave.  I don’t have much of a green thumb (even for house plants) and having lived in cities my whole life, my gardening experience is pretty remedial. But last year when Dylan suggested building window boxes to grow all sorts of herbs, I was game.  After all, how annoying is it to spend a few dollars on an herb for a recipe only to use a tablespoon and have the rest go bad? Enter the idea of filling our tiny terrace with all of our favorite herbs.  And although I was nearly turned off from the whole enterprise when we pulled out one of the starter plants only to find huge earthworms embedded in its soil, I love the final product.  Right now we’re growing thyme (shown above), dill, mint, cilantro,  rosemary, and parsley.  When it warms up a bit more, we’ll take over some of our communal courtyard to restart our potted tomatoes, zucchini, arugula, and baby greens.  Yum…


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