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Care package from Paris, part I February 19, 2007

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I am a lucky, lucky girl. Lucky to have these beautiful little macarons show up on my doorstep the other day, but even luckier to have the sort of friend who thinks of me while traipsing around Paris’ finest bakeries and then FedExes these treats across country upon her return to Boston. But then my best friend Amanda is perhaps the most outrageously and thoughtfully generous person I know. Not only does she love to give presents, but she chooses her gifts with such thought that the girl would make a fabulous personal shopper, were she not already a brilliant geneticist. For instance, when I was living in Norway for several months doing research, I found myself rather homesick and isolated at times. When I couldn’t find English language reading materials, Amanda sent shipments of books and magazines. When I desperately wanted some familiar American foods, I received a shipment of mac and cheese, tortellini, and my favorite snack foods. Perhaps the most over the top is when I casually mentioned that I couldn’t find a bagel in the entire city, a FedExed shipment of bagels arrived on my doorstep. That is the kind of friend Amanda is.

I had heard of the famous and colorful macarons at Laduree, but had never tried them, what with the pastry shop being located in Paris and all. Not only are they visually stunning (even when a little banged up from their Transatlantic and cross-country journies, as these are), but wow, they’re really delicious as well! Sandwiched inside the exceptionally light and crisp cookies are delectable jams and creams. The light brown salted caramel macaron, for example, has a smooth and creamy layer of caramel on the inside, whereas the red berry one has a rich, decadent berry jam. We are slowly working our way through the box, trying to make these little delights last as long as they can. I don’t think Laduree ships to the US, but you can drool over their lovely website while planning your next trip to Paris.


7 Responses to “Care package from Paris, part I”

  1. Carrie Says:

    If you become really attached to those macaroons you can get them at the Boule Bakery in LA on La Cienega. I don’t know if they’re as good as paris, but they are pretty tasty all the same.

    (I saw your link from Erin’s blog, but I don’t know Erin either)

  2. Top Gifts Says:

    I wish I had a friend like that

  3. superspark Says:

    Thanks for the tip, Carrie! I will definitely have to check out Boule Bakery at some point.

  4. erin Says:

    I second the Boule recommendation–they have lots of yummy treats. Also, Jin Patisserie in Venice makes them too–I haven’t tried theirs, but I have had tea in their lovely patio and everything else I’ve eaten there is delicious. Perhaps that should be the next outing for you, Jill and me.

  5. superspark Says:

    Sounds great- so many food adventures, so little time!

  6. […] and when she arrived back in the States, she FedExed us a box of Parisian treats. Those delightful macarons from Laduree that I mentioned a few days ago? Well, I’m happy to report that in our efforts to keep […]

  7. Micha Says:

    Hi there,
    These Parisian Macarons are indeed very delicious, yet VERY VERY expensive. The reason many shops do not ship them is because they (really) are only a few days (at max. 2 weeks!) fresh. And with fresh I mean soft and crisp at the same time. If you wait too long, the become like toffees or dry up (fall apart) and crumble.

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