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Care package from Paris, part II February 22, 2007

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I am, by nature, a food squirreller. I was the kid who routinely had Halloween candy left from the previous year, the girl who came back from the dining hall one day at sleepaway camp to find that the M&Ms she had stashed under her bunk for slow consumption were being all too quickly eaten by a chipmunk sitting on her bed. Psychologically, I know that most food doesn’t exactly improve with aging, but what can I say? I like the idea of savoring my treats and always knowing that I have something wonderful waiting for me.

Enter my husband, who takes exactly the opposite approach, figuring it’s best to eat things when they’re fresh and knowing he can always buy something when he wants a new and delicious treat. It sounds so reasonable on the written page, but when I watch him toss a parade of cookies into his mouth, downing them with one or two chews, I can’t help but think he’s missing out on something.

We managed to reach a compromise on the care package we received earlier in the week. As I mentioned a few days ago , my lovely friend Amanda had recently been on a trip to visit her father who lives in France and when she arrived back in the States, she FedExed us a box of Parisian treats. Those delightful macarons from Laduree that I mentioned a few days ago? Well, I’m happy to report that in our efforts to keep dessert consumption to a minimum this week, we managed to make them last at least 5 days or so. Admittedly, by the end their day had come and gone, but my inner squirrel was positively chipper knowing that I had a macaron waiting for me after dinner each night.

And now that they’re gone? Well, happily, also contained in our care package was a small bag of chocolates from Debauve & Gallais, chocolatiers to the French kings. These rich dark chocolate beauties didn’t travel as well as one might have hoped, but a few of them survived well enough to show just how adorable they are. The “mushroom” pictured above is my favorite- a combination of dark and white chocolate filled with ganache and topped with a cute-as-a-button dark chocolate cap. Check out their website to see their entire gorgeous array of chocolates. They’re definitely on the pricier side, but with a store in New York, at least you don’t have to no longer have to cross the Atlantic to get them.


One Response to “Care package from Paris, part II”

  1. MOM Says:

    You always left your Halloween candy so long I finally lost control & had to eat it!

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