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Dots cupcakes February 24, 2007

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When you land an exciting new job, what do you do? Some people might get drunk. Some people might treat themselves to a shopping spree. Me? I decided that celebratory cupcakes were in order, especially since Pasadena’s newest cupcakery, Dots, was right on my way home from work. How convenient.

Caught up in all the recent red velvet hoopla, I quickly snatched up the last one in the display case as well as a standard, chocolate with vanilla frosting. The German chocolate looked great with piles of goeey icing, but Dylan is anti-shredded coconut. Unfortunately, all of the other flavors I most wanted to try were only available Monday-Thursday, according to the online menu. Still I happily headed home with my treats in tow, hoping to dispel the rumors I had heard from a friend that Dots cupcakes were nothing special.

I got home only to find that I had been offered another position, one I had applied for months ago at the organization I had most wanted to work for after finishing my PhD! When it rains, it pours, I suppose, and I almost thought this news was sufficiently exciting to warrant a trip for more cupcakes…two jobs? two cupcakes apiece? Seems logical to me. But inertia and the need for a trip to the gym kept from from running back out for more.

Dylan and split the two cupcakes- my usual M.O. so that no one gets stuck with a lesser cupcake should one turn out to be better than the other. Overall, I would say that while Dots is good, it’s not my favorite. I like my cupcakes a little gooier and messier, and these were very neat and tidy. In fact, there weren’t even any delicious icing smears on the box after the car ride home. Sigh. The only thing that looked less than robotically perfect about these cupcakes was the tumorous lump on my red velvet (see above). As for taste, the icing on the red velvet was great- cream cheesy perfection. And the chocolate cupcake itself was quite nice- a rich dark chocolate flavor- though its icing was sort of blah. They were good enough that I will probably make an occasional stop there on my commute home, but not so outstanding that I am giving up my search for the best cupcakes in town. Even within Pasadena, if I compare Dots to my recent trip to Violet’s, I’d have to declare the latter the winner, with more icing and more interesting flavors.

Dots cupcakes: 400 S. Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena, CA 91105 (between Del Mar and California); 626-568-DOTS


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