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Auntie Em’s cupcakes March 26, 2007

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When my friend Amanda comes to town to visit, one of our primary occupations is food.  Temporarily freed from our more spontaneous significant others, we tend to go into hyper-planning mode, so much so that within a few hours of her arrival from Boston on Friday night, we had planned our entire three-day weekend’s worth of meals.  Clearly there had to be some cooking, as that is one of our favorite joint pastimes.  Naturally there had to be trips to some of her most beloved eateries in the LA area.  And of course I had to recruit Amanda, an inveterate dessert lover, in my ongoing quest to find the best cupcake in town.

A trip to Auntie Em’s in Eagle Rock and all other cupcakes fell by the wayside.  Dots’ cupcakes were fine, Violet’s Cakes were downright scrumptious, but Auntie Em’s?  They were in a different league altogether.  For starters, these hulking cupcakes were at least twice the size of the petite cupcakes found at most bakeries today.  For me, that’s a clear plus.  Second, lest you think your eyes deceive you, yes, the pile of gorgeous cream cheese frosting atop this delightful carrot cake cupcake was nearly as tall as the cupcake itself.  (I know there exist unusual types who prefer a miserly smear of frosting, but that concept is absolutely foreign to me.  In my mind, the more frosting, the better.)  This cupcake was perfection from its moist, spiced cakey bottom up to its sugared carrot top. My only regret? That we went so late in the day that just one flavor was left.  I’ve heard rave reviews of the red velvet and am anxious to explore what other flavors they have.

Since I’ve made a commitment to sampling the cupcakes of Southern California I suppose I’ll have to continue my mission intrepidly (sigh), but I’m having a hard time imagining that I’ll find anything better than Auntie Em’s.  Anyone want to suggest some worthy competitors?

Auntie Em’s: 4616 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041; (323)255-0800


2 Responses to “Auntie Em’s cupcakes”

  1. Amanda Says:

    This was a seriously amazing cupcake. My only regret is that I don’t live in LA so I can’t have another one soon.

  2. moveablefeast Says:

    Wow…nice work on the frosting. It looks like a delicious desert!

    Phil @

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