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Urban garden update July 2, 2007

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We picked our first tomatoes of the season this past weekend, which means we’ll have lots of fabulous tomato-ful dishes in the weeks to come. Very exciting (it’s the small things, you know). It only seemed right that the first couple would go into a caprese, letting their sweet, fragrant flavor shine through.

And in other news that’s thrilling to newbie “gardeners” like us, some of you might remember a post I wrote in early March about planting fig clippings that we took from a tree overhanging my friend Jill‘s yard. At the time they were pathetic, stubby little bare branches, as seen below.


And look at our babies now!!


Not only are they incredibly lush with those big leaves distinctive to the species, but we noticed what appear to be the tiny buds of fruit starting to grow on the plant. How amazing is that? Within less than four months, we’ve managed to go from a stick to a fruiting tree. Will wonders never cease?! I know that our “harvest” this year will be small (and that assumes that they reach maturity while the season is still right), but how great will it be to savor our first homegrown figs this summer or fall? Mmm…


2 Responses to “Urban garden update”

  1. Jill Says:

    Baby figs! They’re so cute!

  2. connie Says:

    oh! fig buds! i envy your little garden.. and those tomatoes are just so perfectly cute and red

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