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Corn and snap pea salad with blue cheese vinaigrette July 10, 2007

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Like many food bloggers (or so I suspect), I often end my posts with “this is definitely one I’ll make again” or something to that effect, and yet I confess it’s rare that I make the same thing twice. It’s not that I’ve been dissatisfied with the results so much so as part of the fun of having a food blog is feeling that constant motivation to try making new things. Though my culinary style is pretty simple and I’d still consider myself a novice in the kitchen, having attempted such a variety of recipes over the past six months has certainly expanded my horizons as far as flavor combinations, techniques, and even food photography.

So when there’s a dish I can’t wait to make again, despite the seemingly endless slew of recipes on my to-do list, you know it’s really something. I found this recipe last summer on one of my favorite blogs, Well Fed. I had just been introduced to the world of food blogs (and really to blogs in general- I was kind of a late comer!) and was fascinated by the dizzying array of recipes out there in the blogosphere. Within the span of a month or so I tried three terrific summery recipes off of Well Fed, all of which I plan to make again (seriously!) It just didn’t seem right to keep them to myself (another favorite coming up once our zucchini really get going…)

This one, corn and sugar snap pea salad with blue cheese vinaigrette, stood out as what summer is all about. Fresh produce, simply prepared with a minimum of fuss and a light touch. The corn and sugar snap peas straight from the farmer’s market are just perfect against the rich tang of the blue cheese, and using a light touch with the dressing ensures that the crunch, snap, and sweetness of the vegetables shines through. We served it here alongside tilapia for a light meal that makes me wish it were summer all year round. Check out the recipe here while corn and sugar snap peas are still in season…


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