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Lyndell’s chocolate macaroons October 6, 2007

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With all of the boutique cupcakeries that threaten to take over major metropolitan areas these days (not that I’m complaining), it’s easy to forget the old school bakeries. I mean the ones with big glass cases lined with rows and rows of cookies, pies, tarts, and cakes. Lacking the flash and cutesy factor of the cupcake shops, these older bakeries often go unnoticed, but perhaps there are some things worth redicovering?

I can’t vouch for any of their other treats, but the chocolate macaroons at one such shop, Lyndell’s, are a worth a trip for anyone living in the greater Boston area. Amanda and Zarin flew out to L.A. last weekend to visit, bringing with them a delightful little box of macaroons straight from the back streets of Somerville, MA. Now I like a macaroon well enough, but a macaroon that’s more like a chocolate brownie with a touch of coconut? Bring it on. These were rich, fudgey and fabulous, by far the best macaroons I’ve ever eaten.

Lest you live somewhere other than Somerville and have a hankering for chocolate macaroons, this version from YumSugar seems like a pretty tasty substitute. Delish!


Lyndell’s Bakery: 720 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144; (617) 625-1793


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