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About Superspark January 9, 2007

So I’m a little embarrassed that nearly two years after starting this blog, until today I still had the same old profile up.   Although I’m now something of an intermittent and opportunistic blogger, I was fairly prolific for quite a while so my failure to change my profile can only be chalked up to laziness.

At the same time, reading over the initial profile I posted, it’s amazing the changes that can occur in two years.  When I started the blog in January 2007, I had recently married my wonderful husband Dylan and finished my PhD.  I was in the midst of job hunting and finding myself both terribly over-qualified and woefully underqualified for the sort of work I wanted to do.  (Those of you who are heavy on degress but light on practical experience will know what I mean…)  Fast forward two years and though we find ourselves in the exact same Southern California apartment, life is quite different.  My days of leisurely wakings and sipping coffee in the morning have been replaced by alarm clock and long commutes to get me into work by 6:45.  Yes, work.   In April of 2007 I started a post-doctoral fellowship studying women and children’s health and though I don’t always awake in the 5:30 am darkness with glee, I am SO much happier when I feel busy and productive.

Did I mention the biggest change of all, little Madeleine? We had our first daughter on August 6, 2008 and when we’re not busy inventing nicknames (Pumpkin, Mini-munchkin, Tiny Cuddles, Little Big Stuff, Biggie Smallz, and Dylan’s new favorite, Cuddle-Faced Killer, to name a few), we’ve been stalking her with cameras as though we were paparazzi, and trying to catch up on sleep in our all-too-brief free time.  With all of this excitement, cooking and blogging often takes a backseat these days, but I hope you’ll continue to follow our modest adventures chez Superspark nonetheless.


9 Responses to “About Superspark”

  1. […] I made a spinach version of superspark’s lazyman’s salad after having seen it pop up with one of the tags. After eating dinner […]

  2. Shayne Says:

    I am so happy to meet you and I will set you up as a daily look.

  3. Burcu Says:

    it’s nice to hear that it’s doable; I mean PhD. I hope I’ll do that in my 6th year, too. Good luck with life after graduation.

  4. terri Says:

    hi there,
    i happened upon your blog and loved all of the recipes, and how creative your food is. i then happened upon all the kind words about auntie em’s. thanks so much!

    auntie em’s kitchen

  5. Robert Says:

    Hi! I’m writing this more than a year after the last published comment. Are you still blogging? Thanks for your interesting story and your recipes. May I ask what disapline your Ph.D is in? Just curious. Have you found yourself yet?!

  6. MyThy Says:

    Hi! Just found your blog via another blog and your photos and recipes are simple and amazing! I’m going to try some of your tofu and peanut dishes. My FH doesn’t appreciate peanut butter like I do either!

  7. Krys Says:

    Hi! Just found your site via I’ve been looking through and I have to say that I love it! 🙂 I’m glad I found you and will definitely be following.

    One question, though: What’s with the secondary title? You seem to be blogging about food for much longer than a year…

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