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A non food-related diversion- Meez February 28, 2007

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Yes, this is Superspark in the digital flesh, enjoying one of her favorite activities, a picnic in the park. Even if I look like a 10th grader skipping 6th period trigonometry or more to the point, a Bratz doll.

Obviously this is a day on which I don’t have to go into work as I was easily persuaded by a message from Daily Candy in my e-mail inbox to create my very own free digital version of myself at a new site called Meez. I think the idea is that you can then use your Meez on your blog (ahem), as a screensaver, or even a MySpace page if you’re young enough that you actually have one. One aspect of this site that is neat verging on horrendously tedious is just how personalized you can make your Meez. There are dozens of hair styles, eye colors, nose shapes (!?), accessories, clothes, scenes…I intially had my Meez doing the moonwalk in front of the leaning tower of Pisa, but started getting dizzied by the constant motion. You can pose on the red carpet in your pajamas, do the Thriller dance in a ball gown, or even jetski in a soccer uniform. The possiblities are endless, as is the potential for wasting time. What did we ever do before the Internet?